1. Finnish Humour That Doesn’t Really Translate

  2. A Man Takes His Pet Cthulhu Out For A Walk

  3. The Author Gets Bored Drawing An Art Comic and Just Doodles A Bunch of Dinosaurs

  4. A Poignant Comic About the Fleetingness of Life, That Simultaneously Plays With Its Time Structure, in Hopes of Further Enhancing Its Poignancy

  5. A Penguin With a Heart of Gold Saves a Rich Man From a Life of Loneliness & Emotional Emptiness

  6. A Cartesian Plot Twist in Technicolor

  7. The Problems of a Building

  8. Pandara - A Greek Panda Tragedy

  9. A Tomato With Psychic Powers*

    *That he hasn’t quite mastered yet

  10. In the Land of the Blind, the Two Eyed Man is Illuminati