1. A Man Takes His Pet Cthulhu Out For A Walk

  2. The Author Gets Bored Drawing An Art Comic and Just Doodles A Bunch of Dinosaurs

  3. A Poignant Comic About the Fleetingness of Life, That Simultaneously Plays With Its Time Structure, in Hopes of Further Enhancing Its Poignancy

  4. A Penguin With a Heart of Gold Saves a Rich Man From a Life of Loneliness & Emotional Emptiness

  5. A Cartesian Plot Twist in Technicolor

  6. The Problems of a Building

  7. Pandara - A Greek Panda Tragedy

  8. A Tomato With Psychic Powers*

    *That he hasn’t quite mastered yet

  9. In the Land of the Blind, the Two Eyed Man is Illuminati

  10. An Unfinished Movie

    An unfinished short movie made in Tampere and Virrat, Finland during the fall and winter of 2011-2012. It’s really fucking rough and amateurish, but has some funny dialogue and good music in it, so I suppose that’s something. Oh, and it’s in Finnish with English subtitles.